Hazel Shirley Poems

Hazel Shirley Poems
LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Love is a beautiful concept to reveal.To accept it's Strength gives mind it's peace. To convey someone, that you miss them honestly is lives ultimate reward. So...don't ever miss, that wonderful opportunity to express yourself. Reveal Yourself.

- Hazel Shirley - 

[ A tribute to my loving Late Father - Isaiah Ananda Rao Pulukuri ; 29 Years passed away but in my Soul with love and respect my father ever  lives...] [ 08 July 1940 - 09 May 1987 ]

Silent night...gentle breeze, 
Warmth of Love is what I feel... 
Tender touch...Caring Smile, 
Hold this time… Prays my zeal. 
Soul that heard words unsaid... 
Path of Life...You made me led. 

Now the days ran so...far, 
I still remain with it's art. 
Running time has no stop Clock, 
But I did gain your Strength of Love. 

In my memories...I do refrain, 
Like the river of Life... 
My Soul sails to regain... 
Your words will ever remain… 
Listen for a while…., In lives every mile… 
Be always with me in every path of my Life. 

Though my voice is trembling in pain, 
A respect to convey is main. 
With gratitude whispers my Soul…. 
‘I believe you are near, it’s only a humble Prayer 
From My Heart... I convey the truth, that “I MISS YOU." 
Yes! It’s True….It's only you….I Miss You. 

We miss You - My Loving Father.....

 - Hazel Shirley - 

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